KMSAuto is the predecessor to the well-known KMSPico activator, released a few years ago. Like KMSPico, KMSAuto Net also can activate Windows and Microsoft Office products. It works by generating a key from a unique Microsoft-provided KMS server and then using that key to activate the product.

It is easy to use, as all you have to do is download, install, and run the software. It also provides several additional features which can be used to customize the activation process. The program’s functionality may depend on the version, so we recommend visiting the activator website and downloading the most up-to-date version.

Server Emulation

All Microsoft Office and Windows versions released after 2006 are based on the Windows NT Kernel and utilize the same activation process. Unlike earlier versions of Windows, Microsoft now employs a built-in service called Key Management Service (KMS) to activate its software via the Internet. When you log in to your computer, it connects to KMS servers to validate your license key and existing activations. This ensures that shared keys cannot be used to activate products, as the activation will be detected and deactivated after a system restart.

In light of this, the development team endeavored to modify the default KMS servers with virtual KMS servers, enabling the emulation of the actual license authentication process. This marked the beginning of limitless possibilities for exploring and manipulating the licensing system.

A woman using KMSAuto

Emulating the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation

The alternative KMS Servers can provide the same response as a genuinely activated product by implementing the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation emulation. This ensures that when requests are made from your computer, the client receives a response that mimics successful activation. Since this process is periodic, software must be installed on your system to ensure your PC remains unaffected by Windows Genuine Advantage validation.

Preventing KMS Server Modification on Operating System

To prevent modification of the KMS Server on your operating system, when you enable antivirus protection on your Windows PC, the system file protection module (tamper protection) attempts to restore the modified KMS service files to their original state. To avoid this, KMSAuto Net adds its files to the exclusions list of all major antivirus software, including Microsoft Windows Defender. This ensures that no program can access the KMS service and revert its activation server to its default value.

In conclusion, KMSAuto Net presents a clever solution to bypass Microsoft’s built-in Key Management Service, allowing users to activate Windows and Microsoft Office products. By emulating authentic KMS servers and mimicking a genuine activation response, KMSAuto ensures the software remains activated despite periodic validation checks. Furthermore, it skillfully circumvents antivirus protections to avoid any modification or reversion of the KMS service on your operating system.

Although the software operates within intricate technical boundaries, it offers a seamless experience to users seeking to activate their Microsoft products.