Freedom Finance, a highly respected financial firm offering brokerage and banking services, has significantly transformed since its public listing in 2019. Once primarily known for its outstanding financial achievements, Freedom Finance has evolved into a dynamic digital business ecosystem, offering diverse, innovative services and products.

With a market capitalization exceeding the impressive $5 billion milestone, this forward-thinking company continues to expand and seize new opportunities.

Important changes

In an exciting recent development, Freedom Finance has enriched its thriving ecosystem by introducing Freedom Telecom, a reputable telecommunications operator. This strategic initiative exemplifies the company’s unwavering commitment to its future vision, spearheaded by founder Timur Turlov.

Turlov envisions a future where affordable, reliable fixed and mobile internet services in Kazakhstan reach unmatched excellence, driven by the development of cutting-edge 5G networks. This ambitious project holds the potential to stimulate tremendous growth within the Kazakhstani economy as increased digitalization spreads across various sectors, including government agencies, healthcare, education, and security.

Freedom Telecom aims to stimulate demand for innovative digital services by bolstering the country’s digital infrastructure, thereby enhancing the wireless market’s overall capacity.

Turlov, recognizing the immense untapped potential, enthusiastically states, “We see a vast blue ocean, a significant niche for Freedom Telecom. We aim to address one of our country’s biggest challenges and ensure that internet access becomes a basic necessity accessible to all, regardless of their geographical location.”

Telecommunications investment holding
Telecommunications investment holding

Why would a renowned financial holding company venture into telecommunications? For Freedom Holding, the answer is clear – expanding the customer base and launching innovative products that rely on seamless, high-quality communication. Telecom services serve as the catalyst that drives the accelerated development of all existing companies and services within Freedom’s thriving ecosystem.

Already, Freedom Telecom boasts an extensive network infrastructure, with over 1000 km of advanced optical cables in Alma-Ata and backbone networks spanning ten cities throughout Kazakhstan. With a strong presence in the business segment, the telecom operator plans to secure coveted 5G frequencies and ultimately evolve into a leading mobile operator, further solidifying its market dominance.

As Freedom Finance continues to explore new territories and strengthen its thriving ecosystem, the addition of Freedom Telecom represents a strategic move towards providing comprehensive, integrated solutions designed to meet its esteemed customers’ ever-evolving needs. This bold expansion into telecommunications is a testament to Freedom Finance’s unwavering commitment to embracing innovation and remaining at the forefront of the digital revolution.