In the modern world, the Internet has a very large number of pages with different sites and files. Also, they’re growing faster and faster. Special services are used, which search engines are.

Search engines are of several types:

  1. These are lists of sites that are relevant to a particular topic. For example, there are directories of educational sites, such as the official websites of schools or other educational institutions.
  2. These are special search engines that have a tree hierarchy. When searching for information, you can see the sites you need under certain headings.
  3. Search engines that collect information using special search robots. Among the most popular and familiar users are Yandex or Google.
  4. Systems of meta search. These are specialised search technologies that professionals use when searching information on extended databases from other search engines.
Web searching

Search technology features

Search engines are specialised services that make it possible to search inside a huge database, which is automatically replenished by browsing the pages of the site with robots (these are special software that developers created to scan pages on the Internet).

This is a very complex process, which must be understood by the person who considers himself an advanced user of modern technology. The robots turn to the web pages, then learn their content and save the pages with keyword fragments of the pages or fully format the page into a personal database (this depends on the features of their local program).

If a site’s page is not linked by hyperlinks to another type of site, then the probability of detection by search robots will be small. Therefore, there is a special algorithm to detect a page using manual indexing. For example, website owners can send pages to indexing by search robots of popular systems themselves.

In the first stage, the search is carried out on a general subject (the search technologies are applied to the Internet). Then, the user’s query becomes more specific and helps the person find information on the exact subject.

Organisational work with different types of catalogues has a simple structure. Website pages provide a list of the sectors that should be linked by a series of hyperlinks to links to other sites on which subsectors or lists of documents are located in a sector.

There are also classifiers. They perform identical functions, like catalogues. They are a set of defined URLs that are fully organised and systematised for a specific list of topics. There are times when classifiers act as regular search directories.

The meta search system immediately sends a request to the main search engines. Then, the special reports are returned. This type of searching has unique search tools that help them to confine themselves to a common database.

So now you know what kind of information search technologies are needed in the modern world. Now, you will be more aware of this issue and surely be able to learn this topic with more ease and interest. This will help you navigate the modern world and do not miss the intricacies of the process of using search technologies.